Bradley Modern 25mm
  • Bradley Modern 25mm
  • Modern Side Bracket
  • Modern Passing Bracket
  • Modern Hoop Ring
  • Modern Passing Ring
  • Modern 25mm Pole - use 6 cm Heading height for Curtains to hide the pole

Bradley Modern 25mm

Bradley Modern 25mm

Pole, finials, rings & brackets included.

Pole diameter: 25mm (Also available in 19mm)

Colour: Brushed Nickel


Size   Finial   Side brackets   Passing brackets   Hoop rings   Passing rings   Bay bends
2000mm   x2   x2   n/a   x20   n/a   n/a
3000mm   x2   x2   x1   x30   n/a   n/a
4000mm   x2   x2   x1   x40   n/a   n/a
4800mm   x2   x2   x3   n/a   x48   x2*

*Please contact us for more details. 


Made to Measure track size
If you wish, we will cut your track to the required size. Please select the nearest size of the pole and then fill in the exact measurement in the box below. We will cut the pole to the measurement you've filled in (Note! Pole measurement excluding the finials.. The finials will add extra length to the complete pole size).
Measure in between the finials.


Maximum number of characters: 3

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